After time you may find your PS3 running slow or freezing etc. The first thing to do is get a bottle of compressed air and blow out the dust that’s been piling up over the years. The next little tip will help as well, and you should rebuild the database from time to time if you’re noticing slow downs.

In order to do the rebuild you must get into the recovery mode of the PS3

  1. Turn off your PS3 and make sure the power light is red.
  2. Now HOLD the power button until your PS3 turns on then back off then let go
  3. HOLD the power button again until you here two (2) beeps followed by two (2) quicker beeps and let go.
    • If the PS3 turns off you held the button too long
  4. Plug in your controller with your USB cable as directed
  5. Select option 4 “Rebuild Database” and press X.
  6. Select Yes and confirm the rebuild by press X (it normally takes about 4 – 10 minutes, not hours)
  7. If you have an HDMI cable connected choose yes to use it, if not you may still see a similar message.
  8. Press X to start the database rebuild.

Once completed your PS3 will reboot and should be running a little quicker and solve some minor issues you may have been experiencing.

Rebuilding Your Database will NOT delete your saved games, trophies, photos, videos or any other personal data. It will however remove all messages sent and received, and remove any organization you may have had with folders on the PS3.

Another helpful tip in speeding up your downloads on your PS3 is to setup a PC as a proxy. I’ll be providing a more in depth tutorial on how to set this up later.